October 23, 2009

vanilla pudding with berries

vanilla pudding with berries and cream

Last night, my hubby asked me when was the last time I posted on me 'ole blog.

"Oh, it's been a couple of weeks for sure. Just too busy and I'm feeling a bit uninspired." I responded.

To which I got a reply of "tsk, tsk".

Don't any of you get periods of not wanting to cook or bake in the kitchen, or not pick up a camera or just not post a blogpost? It happens sometimes. No biggie.


Here's a picture of vanilla pudding with some summer berries that I took a couple of months ago. I miss my fresh berries. Boo hoo. I used Jell-O sugar free vanilla pudding (nope, I didn't scrape out a vanilla bean & make my own pudding - sometimes, there is just no time for gourmet), fresh berries and a dollop of whipping cream (real full fat whipping cream - traded the carb calories with sugar free pudding so I can have the full fat calories). Yum.


Are any foodies coming out to Litfest's Savouries Event tonight at the Kid's in the Hall Bistro? Save me a seat will you? I'm coming alone and would love to meet other foodies!

See you there!


foodie suz said...

I just wanted to post that I love love your photographs. You have a real talent there!

Could not get a sitter for tonight, sadly...but I dearly wanted to go to Savouries tonight. Let us know how it goes!

Elisa said...

I know what you mean, late autumn/winter is a time when I feel totally uninspired, out of energy, never satisfied with the results. Every year.
It's the lack of sunshine..

Maki said...

Thank you foodie suz. For someone who has been self-teaching herself photography, it sure puts a smile on my face that others appreciate it.

Savouries was wonderful event. Too bad you couldn't get a sitter, would have loved to meet you too.

Hi Elisa! I'm glad you agree. I need more sunshine, for myself and my photography!

coffee girl said...

I too lack gumption to get up and get cooking this time of year. My family is lucky some nights to get pancakes for supper. (and that is thanks to your bulk pancake recipe that is premixed in the pantry!!)I do find inspiration on your blog with all the wonderful cooking and baking ideas. It's really great!

I agree with foodie suz you have a natural talent when it comes to photography.

Keep it up!!!

Maki said...

Thanks coffee girl :)

I think pancakes for supper sounds delish. Time to mix up a pail again!

Brooke said...

Court and I felt the same way all through September & October, haha. Not sure why I've been uninspired to post, as I've been baking up a storm. And we had Court's husband making fun of us too for not posting in so long.

Lovely presentation on these puddings! Who cares if it's from a box when it looks this good.

Maki said...

Yeah, well I've been even uninspired to bake and cook. That's really a bad deal :)

brian said...

perfect. love the height of the camera, it puts the emphasis where it needs to be. great colors too. ready for a magazine.

Maki said...

Thanks Brian. The lighting was great that day and well, colorful berries always make things nicer!

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