DMBLGIT- June 2009 Winner

Look Ma! Look what I got!

(I keep trying to get my mom on the computer so that she can read my blog at home but it is a work in progress... soon enough, I hope!)

dmblgit_red june 2009

It's been a long time since I entered any photos into a contest so when I stumbled upon the deadline for the Does My Blog Look Good In This - June edition, I thought I'd send the below photo in. And I won a badge in the Edibility Category. How exciting!

Marija from Palachinka hosted June's DMBLGIT. All the winners are found here.

vegetarian salad rolls with hoisin/peanut butter dipping sauce

I'm not one to usually toot my own horn but... TOOT TOOT! [*insert blushing cheeks here*]