The Italian Store - Edmonton Downtown location

espresso & pastries at the Italian store

I grew up going with my mom, on weekly visits, to the Italian Store downtown. It's looked the same for as long as I can remember. The vast array of deli meats, cheeses and olives in the back, refrigerated/frozen goods on the right, produce on the way left and don't forget all the pasta, right in the middle of the store. However, things have changed as of late. Next time you head there to do some shopping, you will see the new extension. Like the southside location, a spot to sit and enjoy a coffee and pastry is now available. The Edmonton Journal featured an article on the cafe on Sunday.

The new extension is modern and airy, with it's high ceiling and slick, clean decor. I have a chair fetish, so I instantly recognized the Toledo and Eames molded plywood inspired chairs. Love it. They have gelato in a cooler on the left side of the room and way on the other end they have coolers that house pastries, muffins and cakes with a massive counter separating the two. I would really love to see them to start selling paninis and other italian foods to eat. I wonder if that is a direction they would go or if they are strictly sticking to coffees and sweets?

Nonetheless, it's a nice little pitstop while doing some grocery shopping. Pick up my usual yummy olives, freshly cut deli meat, some colorful produce and then stop and enjoy an espresso and yummy pastry. I can get used to that.


Italian Center Shop
10878 - 95 St location
Edmonton, Alberta