eating in banff

We got into Banff and I was flat out on my back. I have an old work injury that gets re-hurt every couple of years and it results in me being pretty much bed-ridden. What joy I tell you.

The Smashed Tomato pizzasRotating advil and tylenol, to ease the pain, I am bored of watching tv and am getting hungry. I peruse the Rocky Mountain Room Service and find a menu for pizza from a place called The Smashed Tomato.

I instantly laugh. The thing is, my daughter often runs after her brother, saying "I'm going to smash you like a tomato". Isn't that strange? AND she had asked me for pineapple pizza the other day. This was a no brainer, I HAD to order from them.

A ham 'n pineapple for the kids and a meat lover's (mostly for my carnivore hubby).

The pizza hit the spot but I was a tad disappointed. It's not that the pizza was bad but I think that upon hearing the funky name of the place, I had visions of the pizza being like the pizza from the The Funky Pickle, here in Edmonton. Something more original in flavor. But it was not. My fault to make assumptions.


Melissa's Missteak
When travelling with young children, you're choice in restaurants is usually limited. How I would love to do some fine dining, but that's just not in the cards, reserved for those rare dates with the hubby. For now, I'll be happy with any place that doesn't have a indoor playgym... now that's fine dining!

My sister-in-law mentioned a place called Melissa's Missteak that didn't turn her away last time when she brought in children. The outside of the building reminded me of Bavaria, with it's Tudor-style facade, except there were no baskets of flowers hanging outside, likely due to the cold weather. I was almost expecting some oompa-pa music when we went inside but there was none. It's a large lofty-like building, very rustic cabin-style, so very fitting since Banff is in a National Park. Lanterns and flags from around the world hanging from the rafters give the place a casual feel.

They accomodated us (we were a large group) and the staff were all very nice and friendly. We weren't very hungry to begin with, since we ate a late breakfast, so we ordered food to split between the four of us.

The children shared the Cheezy Jane burger and K and I shared the Sirloin Steak Sandwich with a caesar salad side. All made with Alberta beef.

Melissa's Missteak lunch

We were pleased. And the service was quick, especially good when you are going somewhere without an indoor playgym.


Smashed Tomato Pizza
100 Owl St.
Banff, Alberta

Melissa's Missteak
218 Lynx Street
Banff, Alberta