March 14, 2009



We've been away, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Banff. Unfortunately, we ended up with really cold weather. We left Edmonton with frigid -32 celsius and it slowly warmed up in the week. slowly.

We were mostly indoors, enjoying water slides and an indoor playground (actually, the kids, not me) but we did manage to get out for a mini-hike when it got warmer.

mini hike in Banff

... and a bit of shopping in the town...

going shopping in banff

Food related posts coming up in the week.


Chris said...

Great photo's. They give that inspiring, warm inside feeling. Isn't our province lovely!

Maki said...

Yes, it is lovely. But I have to admit, I'm really tired of the snow and cold. Where the heck is spring???

apostrophe s said...

Spring and summer showed up last Friday. Now we are back to winter again...

SIGH. Gorgeous photos - what kind of camera do you use?

Maki said...

I have a canon digital rebel. (I have the old xt version). It's my best friend :)

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