bananas with caramel sauce and peanuts

bananas with caramel sauce and peanuts

I have to admit, I've sorta lost my mojo in the kitchen. That's why the lack of blogging. I think it has something to do with my husband moving into the kitchen. He found a new hobby and now the kitchen is no longer my place so much. Plus, he never leaves the kitchen as tidy as I like it. sigh.

I was looking through my photo archives and spotted this photo. It made me wish I had some bananas sitting on the counter begging to be used.


bananas with caramel sauce and peanuts

sorry, it's been a while so I can't tell you exact quantities.

whipping cream
peanuts, crushed (I like the salted version, gives a nice taste to the sweet)

Place about 30 caramels in a pot, with low heat. Add enough whipping cream to dilute it so that it can be drizzled over your bananas.

Top with peanuts.