I took a poll a while back and though I didn't have a large sample size, I came to conclude this...

Most people only really love sushi for the wasabi/soy sauce rush.

I come to think that people love sushi not so much for the actual sushi, since it's sorta bland, but more for it's gateway of the addictive wasabi/soy sauce combo.

Yes, of course, there is the whole experience of eating it that makes it super fun: the chopsticks, the stuffing of whole rolls into your mouth and the dares of who will eat the more adventureous rolls. But, the thing is, everyone that I polled that said that they loved sushi always ate it with wasabi/soy sauce. I didn't find one person who just ate the sushi because they like the taste or texture of the rolls. Everyone-of-them dipped with wasabi and soy sauce.

So, really, the title of this post should be "Wasabi and Soy Sauce, with a side of sushi".

But, like I said, I took a small sample size. I'm sure there are some of you that would prove me wrong. And I'm sure if I went to Japan, they would look at me like I'm crazy, For everytime I scream, eyes- crossed and with fire-breathing gasps, "more, MORE", I'm greedily adding another huge dollop of wasabi to my soy sauce and using the sushi to merely sponge up the next dose of andrenaline rush into my mouth.

Nothing wrong with some addictions.

Happy dipping :)



List of ingredients:

smoked salmon
crab meat
tempura shrimp

fried egg

nori wrappers
sesame seeds
soy sauce

Roll up in any combination you like.