tomatoes on the vine

I bought a fixed 50 mm canon lens a while back and that's what I'm using to take the shot above. It's a great lens and it give great portrait pictures too.

I've been reading up on different lenses for my camera. Well, actually, I've narrowed it down quite considerably since I want a faster and all purpose lens. The current lens I have now is an older sigma model but it was free (a photographer friend passed it down to me) . It doesn't produce the detail and sharpness I want, however, the problem with a new lens is the cost. We're talking major coinage.

Photography, sadly, is an expensive hobby. Maybe I can live off of Mac' and Cheese so to save for a new lens! Gosh, wouldn't that be a fun food blog, huh? Mac' and Cheese bake, Mac' and Cheese stirfry, Mac' and Cheese soup.

Hmmmm, I don't think it will jive with the family or blog readers.

Oh yeah, this week is the week of red... Valentine's is coming up. Do any of you do anything special? I'm not really into the whole commerical buy me overpriced flowers or pay for an overpriced dinner but I do expect something. Whether it be a card or some chocolates. A hug and "Happy Valentine's Day Honey" doesn't cut it. I want a little more effort.

And, it's not one-sided. Last year, me and the kids made Daddy cupcakes and homemade Valentine's cards. It will probably be more of the same this year too... or maybe Mac' and Cheese souffles! Yeahhhh, that's the ticket ;-)