chicken noodle soup

chicken noodle soup

I've been sick. The kind where you can't sleep at night because you can't breath through your nose and you think you might die from suffocation from lying down because your sinuses are so full. Yeaaaah, not fun.

The thing that sucks about being sick, other than the obvious miserable symptoms, is that you can't taste food. Everything is bland. Plus, you are usually trying to eat and breath through your mouth, at the same time, which I think it's an amazing feat. Major strategic analysis involved.

When I'm down and out, soup is a great comfort food. It's warm, easy to eat and really easy to prepare. None of this make your own soup base when you're sick, instant chicken noodle soup from a package. Works for me!

I tend to also beef up our chicken soups by adding vegies and more noodles. Feels more heartier and nutritious.

Sigh, I'm off to go blow my nose for the umpteenth time. boo hoo.