July 17, 2007

three bean salad

3 Bean Salad
When I think of kidney beans, I think of chili. I rarely think of them for other uses though I'm sure there are a variety of uses for them that I need to explore. It wasn't until my mother made a 3 bean salad back when I was living at home that I got my second recipe involving that red kidney bean.

The sheer idea of beans mixed together as a cold salad seemed horrifying but when I tried it I was pleasantly surprised and I've been making it ever since. The combo of sweet and sour and the crunch from the onions and red pepper makes it such a great dish. It is also a great make ahead dish for picnic's or having guests over since it's so easy to prepare.

However the downside is the hubby's gas production from eating such a dish, which is just outright displeasing. Make sure you send him out to do errands a couple of hours after eating such a dish.


three bean salad

3 varieties of beans in any ratio you would like:

14 oz can green beans
14 oz can yellow beans
19 oz can kidney beans

1 medium onion, diced in little pieces
1 large red pepper, diced into little pieces

1 cup vinegar
1 cup white sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper

note that many recipes also use 1/4 - 1/2 cup oil in their bean salads but I find it just as good without so I don't add it.

Make sure the beans are well rinsed and mix them together into a bowl.

Mix the sugar, salt & pepper into the vinegar. Pour the dressing over the beans, mix well and refrigerate. Allow to sit several hours or overnight in the refrigerator to enhance the flavor.


Kristina said...

Mmm... I love bean salad. I like it to be a bit more tart than sweet. I also like adding those little corn on the cob things to it.

Maki said...

Oh yes! Thats a great idea. I like that too. Next time ;-)

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