Working through the Harvest

Pattypan Squash

I have been slowly working through our harvest. Unfortunately, my basement isn't cold enough to keep my vegies fresh long enough, so I gave away lots of produce.

I think the thing that is wonderful about growing your own vegetables is you come across so many different types of seeds that you can't help to experiment. We currently have a variety of tomatoes in our small "greenhouse" that I'm looking forward to eating the next month.

Until we grew our own, I don't really ever recall seeing a patty pan or sunburst squash. They are best harvested a bit earlier, when they are still smaller, because the insides are more tender that way. I think we will likely use it in a scalloped squash casserole, modified from this scalloped potato casserole recipe.

Pumpkin Patch Harvest

Last year, we had too many zuchinni's so instead my hubby planted a pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, since we had an early frost, we had to pick them earlier so we had many smaller-sized pumpkins. But, on a positive note, they are much easier to peel when making things with it.

I'm hoping to get my hubby to make some of his "famous" pumpkin soup. We've made a pumpkin chutney too (sorry, no photos!). And, a couple weeks ago, I tried making pumpkin fritters but I thought I'd save you from posting about them because they made me gag. Can't all be winning recipes, I guess.

Have a great weekend everyone!