Eating Out: Burger Baron

Mushroom Burger at Burger Baron

Holy Batman!

Has anyone else been a bit busy? I figured once my kids are back in school, things would be a bit quieter but it's quite the opposite. I'm currently staring at a mountain of coins that need rolling before they get deposited. I swear, almost every child in my kidlet's school paid their hot lunch fees with dimes and nickels. I HATE rolling dimes. It's worse than trying to get that pantry item that is just out of reach from the cupboard. You know what I'm talking about, you are reaching, jumping, stretching for that item, getting all red and annoyed until you finally lose it and just go grab a chair. Well, there is no easier way rolling those damn dimes into that little paper. Grrrr...

Suffice to say, with the busy-ness, I haven't been cooking. At all. We had sandwiches yesterday. Nothing wrong with sandwiches but it's been more than once a week we have been eating them for dinner. And we have been eating out more too.

I have lived in Edmonton for over 30 years and I have never been to a Burger Baron. The I actually didn't even know it existed most of my life and only in my recent years have I noticed the building and their drive-thru. (The buildings are not much too look at but neither is the highly popular Peters' Drive In in Calgary). But did you know it was the first Western Canadian drive-through chain and is now mostly concentrated around Edmonton and they use 100% Alberta high-grade beef? All that stuff blew my mind when I read about it. I had no clue.

We stopped into one during a day of running errands and ordered the popular mushroom burger. My hubby overheard some co-workers say it was a favorite amongst Burger Baron goers. I was pleasantly surprised by it's appearance. A large fluffy bun, good-sized beef patty and loads of mushrooms and sauce. It was all good except for the sauce. I know, I bet many of you would disagree with me but I have to say, I didn't care for it. I think I would have preferred a slice of swiss cheese. The mushroom sauce tasted like a spoonful of warm concentrated mushroom soup from a can. Not my thing. At least the fries rocked.

I drove by a Burger Baron the other day and it was advertising their Halifax-style donair. Anyone try that? I'm willing to give the Burger Baron another go, anyone recommend something else?


Burger Baron
9908 70 Ave location
Edmonton, AB