Creamy Broccoli Salad

I first ate this salad at a friend's home, many years ago. My hubby usually gets excited when I make it and often says "you should make this more". It's such a great way to eat broccoli. It's got the sweet tang of sugar but sour bite from the vinegar and a nice creamy base from the mayo. It has healthy ingredients (except for the *ahem* mayonaisse) and it's so easy to make.

I tend to see a theme on my blog here, I like things simple and easy.

On another note, sorry folks, the problem when i make up my own recipes is that I never measure things. I usually go by taste and quantity I need. So, that's what you'll find after the jump... no measurements. Won't be the first time :)


creamy broccoli salad
broccoli - cut into small spears
grated carrot
sunflower seeds

sugar to sweeten to taste

Mix the mayo, vinegar and sugar to taste. Pour over and mix togther with the first four ingredients. voila ;)