Travels: Photo Essay - Grouse Mountain Skyride, Animal Refuge, Chairlift Rides and Eating Beaver Tails

Grouse Mountain Skyride and Eagle in Birds of Motion Demonstration
Grouse Mountain Skyride and an Eagle during the Birds of Motion Demonstration

Grinder and Coola - Grizzly Bear Refuge atop of Grouse Mountain
Grinder and Coola - Orphaned grizzly bears in their refuge atop of Grouse Mountain

Chair Lift at Grouse Moutain
Chair Lift

Eating Beaver Tails atop of Grouse Mountain
Eating Beaver Tails atop of Grouse Mountain

My fave: Seeing the amazing grizzlies up close and watching them play and occupy themselves in their habitat. But by far, most fantastic experience was being atop of the world with the chairlift ride. Peacefully quiet and the scenery is out of this world. It almost felt like an out-of-body experience. Highly recommend it.