Travels: English Bay, Stanley Park and Falafel King Restaurant

English Bay and Stanley Park

YEARS ago, when I once used to live in Vancouver, this was my haunt. I lived in the west end, one block in from sunset beach and a short jaunt away from beautiful English Bay and a slight jog away from the amazing Stanley Park.

There is something about this place that totally captivates me. I shed a tear (or two) every time I arrive and leave the city. I called my mother to let her know that we arrived in the city safely and she asked me how I was liking it there so far.

"It's great. The ocean, the beaches, mountains, the amazing bridges, all the crazy tall buildings, so many stores and restaurants, the on-going hustle-bustle of this place..."

"You miss it."

"Yeah, I miss it."

But I really do have a lovely life with here in Edmonton so I will soak up every moment with visits to the West coast to fill in any voids.


Falafel Platter and Chicken Shawarma at Falafel King in Vancouver

One of my fave places is Falafel King on Denman. We always make sure to stop there. Chicken Shawarma and the Falafel Plate, to die for. It's more of a grab your food and sit on a giant log in English Bay kind of dining but there is also a few tables if you prefer to eat there. The owner has been there for as long as I can remember (10+ years) and has always been friendly. When we were there he was informing a person who just parked in front that his car is too close to the curb and it will get towed. He says he sees it all the time, some people take their chances but he always let them know. Awesome.

Falafel King
1110 Denman St. location
Vancouver, BC


I haven't looked around at good middle-eastern restaurants here in Edmonton but can anyone give me some tips? I'd love to find a yummy place here. Miss my falafels already!