Weekly Photos: Front Yard in Bloom


Last year when our 50+ year old pine tree came crashing down in a July storm, we were very devastated. We had made a nice forest like scene in the front yard. Lots of junipers and various evergreen shrubs with wood chips scattered around.

We hummed and hahhed about what to do with the front yard. We could plant another pine tree but it would take forever for it to grow to be mature. It was a summer vacation visit to Glenoka Bed and Breakfast that changed things for us. We thought a pond and edible garden in the front would be a great idea.

Klaus worked hard to make this yard what it is. I didn't have one thing to do with it other than some design. The left pic is the stream than comes down surrounded by cabbages, swiss chard, tiger lillies, sunflowers and other plants. The right pic is where the stream ends up (yup, stream goes under out sidewalk) where our goldfish reside. We have an little "orchard" of cherry trees, apple tree, honey suckle and blueberry bushes and lets not forget the pumpkin patch.

The hubby also made the hand rail. He cut the wood into thin strips and glued them together into a curve like that. And I have no idea how many times he took my car to load up on rocks (a lot).

Someone else thought it was special because our yard was nominated for The City of Edmonton's Front Yards in Bloom. Me so proud of him and all the hard work he has put in. Congrat's Klaus!