Lemons Still Life 2

"If life gives you lemons, make lemonade" is what they say but hey, when the heck did lemons get a bad rap? Maybe some of us love lemons?

Funny but true story, my children have been asking me for years if they can have a spoon of lemon juice. They are thrilled by the sour. They now ask for it and say they won't scrunch up their faces when they drink it. It's like a contest to them, but neither one of them have won. The pucker face comes every time. Maybe they got the like for sour from me, huh?

Lemons Still Life

It was the week before, I was dreaming about lemons. I had a full-on craving. The citrusy-fresh smell of the zest and the tart and sour taste of the juice. I really, really wanted to make something with lemons. But I didn't want a mild lemon taste. I want something really lemony and fresh but tart at the same time. And I found it. Perfect for summer.

Recipe up tomorrow!