Weekly Photos: Glorious Weather

Blue Winter -  Edmonton River Valley

Oh my gosh people!!! If you live in the Edmonton area, get thee outside, don't be reading this!!!

The weather is phenomenal here.

If you remember my post from the past week, it was cold, snowy and misty, like the photo above. It was beautiful but freezing.

Things have changed.

There are massive wet puddles and the snow is getting soft and melting away. The other day, me and the kids headed out to a neighborhood park. The sun was out and warm and the skies were a beautiful blue. My kids had a blast climbing the massive pile of melting snow.

On Top of the World

Don't you just love my little posers? I took a long break from photographing them as they didn't like my camera in their faces. But, now they have taken to giving me 'tude when I snap. I'm not complaining though.

Have a fantastic weekend!