Weekly Photos: Edmonton River Valley

Edmonton River Valley & Trail

I'm not much of an outdoor person, especially in the winter. I like my home, where it is warm and without snow. But, I decided to challenge myself and get outdoors. So I drove down to my city's river valley to snap a couple of pictures.

Of course, I picked a colder day to get myself outside. It was foggy for part of the walk but cleared up some near the end. I have a thing for bridges. I think they are beautiful pieces of architecture. Of course, some are more beautiful than others.

Groat Bridge in Edmonton, Alberta

I was all alone along the trail path. Not a soul in sight. It was very quiet and serene (except for the cars driving down river valley road).

Edmonton River Valley
The trees were all frosted and white. It was a lovely walk. However, next time, I really should bring a scarf and wear 2 pairs of pants because both sets of cheeks were frozen.

Frosted Trees

Edmonton is really a lovely little city. I should really make my way out more.