Weekly Photos: Birthday Flowers

Birthday mini-carnations

Sorry, no food post today. Next post, I promise.

Thought I'd do another weekly photos post. (I have to catch up on the ones I missed. tee hee). Had a busy weekend, celebrating my birthday! I can't remember the last time I had a warm, sun-shining day for my birthday. What a great gift!

My hubby made me TWO wonderful cakes (I'll post them in the coming month) and I had a big family dinner to celebrate. I not telling you how old I am but I will tell you that I did mutter things like "wrinkles AND zits, give me a break!!!" hehe.

red carnation

Growing up, I never really appreciated flowers that much. But, I have to say, I am enjoying them more and more every year. I think photography has also opened up my eyes to the beauty of flowers. I was a bit smitten with the petals of these mini-carnations I received. Just amazing looking. I would love a dress with red ruffles resembling those petals.

Also, Happy International Woman's Day, to all you wonderful ladies out there!