And I felt like life was getting a bit boring around here...

You used to be able to see the front of my house.

That's what I told my hubby just a short while ago. HA!

Crazy thunderstorm here last night has broken my 50+yr old spruce tree in half, leaving a big mess. The tree ripped out a vent in the roof leaving a hole and mangled all my eavestroughs.

My front door & Side view of my house.

My cat was a bit perplexed about it all. Entry through my front door will be non-existent the next while. Sigh, I don't think the newspaper or mail delivery is going to be so easy, huh?

If I paid you 5 cents to pick up every pinecone from my front lawn, I'd be bankrupt. Millions of pinecones everywhere. Clean up and repair will be annoying but everyone is safe and sound and that is all that matters. I'm just sad because I really, really LOVED that tree.

Next time I wish for my life to be spiced up, I'll eat some hot salsa or buy some spicy peanuts. Yeah.