Olive and White Cheddar loaf

olive & white cheddar loaf

I used to bake up a loaf or two of my own but that aspect of baking has been on hiatus for quite some time. I'll resume back to it soon enough and try my hand on one of the many recipes Chris has tried out on his blog. I'm always drooling at his bread baking challenges!

But, until then, we make a jaunt out to one of the two Italian Centres and we pick up a delicious looking bread and some deli meat & cheeses to enjoy along with it. I feasted my eyes upon a scrumptious looking Olive and White Cheddar loaf. Oh my word! Look at it! Isn't it amazing?

olive & white cheddar loaf diptych

And they didn't cheap out on the olives or cheddar! You will find some in every slice. Though, it wasn't just white cheddar to be found (found some tunnels of regular cheddar) but this really didn't matter to me... there was plenty of it.



Italian Center Shop
5028 - 104A Street location
Edmonton, Alberta