life is like a bowl of cherries...

bowl full of cherries

Sometimes it's the pits and other times it's so sweet.

I've had a busy week around here. Haven't gotten around to much blogging.

single cherryI thought I'd continue on with my cherry cravings and post a pic I took a while ago. These aren't as tasty as the ones you can get in store now.

I bought some really red, ripe cherries yesterday. Oh so delicious! nom, nom, nom.

I find that I usually just eat the cherries that I buy and never bake with them. I think I'm put off of the idea of having to take the pits out of every little cherry. I know there is a little gadget for it but I think it would probably be right up there in "fun" as peeling potatoes. Unless your the person who finds peeling potatoes stress relieving. Uh, yeah, no thanks.

I'll stick with dried cherries and frozen pitted cherries for baking and keep the fresh ones to eating.

Off to prep for another Father's Day Bbq I'm hosting. Except, I'm keeping the cherries to myself.

Mine, all mine.