Food Bloggers Meetup - Edmonton March 2014

 Well we finally did it.  It has been a long time since a group of us food bloggers have gotten together.  You can read about my attendance at the previous meetups here and here.

We organized the meetup at The Common, which was a great venue for the get-together as they allowed us to reserve the back end of the resto, and they did a great job in accommodating us.

We had quite a turn out which I was really glad about.  There are many bloggers I know on a personal level, many I have seen at events but never really spoken more than a handful of words to, and then there were a group of newbs to food blogging that I spoke to for the first time that night.

With various forms of social media and through our own personal blogs, we are able get to know one another on a certain level but nothing beats meeting in-person. Not only can I put a face to the blog, I love meeting others who are passionate about food, and it definitely makes for a closer-knit community.

There was various talk about doing another meetup and I can see it happening. It was a fun night.  If any of you fellow foodies would like to organize something, please do because I know there would be a great turnout!

Would like to thank my partner in crime: Marianne!   We sent numerous emails and texts, back and forth, making sure we didn't miss anything or anyone.  Truthfully, Marianne had the bigger hand in creating this event, I mostly rode her coattails!  Thank you girlie!!!

Make sure to read Marianne's post.  I love how she summarized a bunch of tweets from that night!

Until next time... keep eating & blogging!