Simple Lemon Yogurt Dressing

Summer has seemed to whirl by me.  It feels as if it has come and gone, within a blink of an eye, and I am left hopelessly trying to recall what I did and where I went.

I did try my hand at gardening this year.  Try, being the key word.  Ha! Between my dislike of weeding, the drought-like condition of my soil from going away on holidays and simply forgetting to water, I had disappointing yields.  I have always considered myself a city slicker and this summer confirmed that I certainly did not inherit my parent's green thumbs.  I anticipated as much but a girl could always hope!

The two things that flourished in my garden was the arugula patch, which I had no part in as it self-seeded on it's own, and a plot full of dutch elm trees, that I just refused to weed when I realized they were in fact trees and not the various greens I had planted.  I think I will pass back the responsibility to my better half and stick to cooking.

As for cooking, didn't do too much of it either these past months.  It was a summer of sandwiches, simple quick-prep meals and salads.  Plenty of salads.  And when in a pinch for time, a simple lemon yogurt dressing.  A cup of your favorite yogurt, a tbsp or two of lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste.  Four simple ingredients combined to give a light dressing that works for many different combinations of salad.

Salad always makes me think of summer and lately, I find myself lingering with every plate.  Maybe to appreciate all the beauty that summer grows or maybe just to reflect on where my summer went.  Either way, here's hoping the warm temperatures stay put for a bit longer.