Belgravia Hub Launch Party

Belgravia Hub

Belgravia Hub has been open for several months and I was fortunate to attend the launch party back in mid-May.  There have since been many great reviews about the restaurant both online and in print.  

Belgravia Hub Eats

I had the pleasure of hearing all the adventures in opening of the restaurant since my dear friend Leslie first mentioned that this undertaking was a GO!  For myself, as a food blogger and an avid home cook, I used to love hearing all the details of culinary school as Leslie became a Red Seal chef. With the opening of the restaurant, I would hear tidbits and updates along the way and as an outsider looking in, it all seems so seductive and exciting however I can definitely say that opening a restaurant is not for the faint-hearted.

Belgravia Hub Launch Party

Permits, design decisions, menu planning and hiring of staff is no easy undertaking but Leslie and, her business partner, Barry's efforts have resulted in a phenomenal outcome that is Belgravia Hub.

I am so proud of her hard work and I wish her so much continued success.

Congratulations my friend, you have earned it!!!

Belgravia Hub Kitchen

Belgravia Hub is currently featuring their summer menu, be sure to check it out!


Belgravia Hub
7609-115 Street
Edmonton, AB