Genuss Fest 2012 Oberpullendorf, Austria: Travels

Genuss Fest Austria

Genuss Fest or "Enjoyment Festival" is a celebration of local food and products.  Booths are set up offering samples as well as food and beverages to buy.

Genuss Festivals are run throughout various regions of Austria.  This particular event was showcasing the Burgenland region of Austria over 3 days in the city square of Oberpullendorf.

Gourds at Genuss Fest

Tables are setup to sit and enjoy entertainment while eating all sorts local goodies.  Austria produces 80% of it's own food so there is a lot to offer.  There is also a growing Bio or organic movement.

In addition, Burgenland region of Austria is known for it's vineyards.  There was an abundance of wine to try at Genuss Fest and a popular drink at harvest time is Sturm.  It is a young wine, sweet, cloudy and carbonated with usually less alcohol content.

Genuss Fest 2012

We ate ox sausage, pumpkin soup, palachinke (crepes) made with chestnut flour, mead (honey wine), goulash, sampled various jams and drank plenty of local wines that Burgenland has to offer.