Mini Tuna Burgers: Eat In, Eat Out Magazine

I not sure why but I have never been a big fish fan. My parents never disliked it nor avoided having it at meal times.  In fact, I have many memories of fishing & ice fishing with my family. Digging in the garden for earthworms or the putrid smell of larvae bought at the tackle shop.  Hours spent along the shore, watching my parents throwing in a line & the neon bobber floating in the water waiting to be pulled under. During the winter, my parents would scare my siblings and I by driving our minivan onto the frozen water.  You could hear the cracking sounds beneath the tires and I would hold my breath and say little prayers that we do not go under. 

The fish would be reeled in and my father would carefully take the hook out of its mouth. He would get upset if the hook was hard to take out or hurt the fish in any way. I would watch it flipflop around & then in it went, into a large bucket filled with water. More times than not, my siblings and I were playing at a nearby park or laced up our ice skates rather than muster up the patience to actually catch fish.

The basement was where my father would clean & prepare the fish. I remember fish scales glittering in the light. Sometimes he would leave it whole, other times, he would filet it.  My mother would pan fry or bake it and it always came out looking beautiful however, I just could not get myself to eat it.  The fish eyeballs always won the staring contest and I remember the smell bothered me. I recall many a moments of my siblings and I huddled around from the furthest room from the kitchen, our shirts pulled up over our mouth and nose, scowling that the house was stinking.

As I got older, I would slowly try fish but to this day, I still am not a fan. My sister was the only one who seemed more adventurous and willing to try whereas my brother and I would exclaim "We like fish. Tuna! But only tuna from a can!".  Just the other day, I was offered lox at breakfast and I exclaimed "I'm a Pisces! I can't eat my own!" when I was asked why I don't like fish.

Today my children were offered fish fish for lunch at their school.  "Did you eat it?"  I asked.  A big "NO!" came out of their mouths. I smiled, knowing very well my lil tadpoles would not have any of it.  

So this leads me to being creative, for my children's sake and myself! My children love their tuna burgers and it's never a chore getting them to eat it (though, a big dollop of mayonnaise always helps!)

This is my second recipe submitted for Eat In, Eat Out magazine and will be featured on their  facebook page page on October 30.  I will update this post to include the link when it is featured.

Update: Find my blogger spotlight here.


Mini Tuna Burgers
makes 10-12 mini patties

3 eggs

3 cans(184 g net weight) of tuna, water packed
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1 tbsp dijon mustard
1 tsp dry dill
generous pinch of salt

Beat the eggs in a bowl. Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Form into mini patties. Cook in an oiled frying pan over medium heat for 8-10 minutes, turning the patty once midway, until golden brown.  

Serve in a mini pita bun, with cucumber slices and mayonaisse.