September 20, 2012

Market: Lido di Jesolo, Italy - Travels


One of the many evenings walking around the streets of Lido di Jesolo, we came upon a food market.

My mouth dropped when I saw the huge wheels of cheese, not to mention the vast varieties!

Bread & Cheese

My kids complained that it was stinky (children!) until we came upon the breads.  The giant round loaves of breads had us salivating.

Cured meats

Anyone for an entire leg of piggie?

Kitchen goods & candy

I really had to walk away from the baking gadgets.  I knew that if I started looking, I would have a very hard time only purchasing just one or two.  Instead we grabbed some candy & headed along.


A Canadian Foodie said...


Coffee Girl said...

I'm sure you guys are having a fantastic time. You must be getting home-sick, maybe you should come home early.
Missing you guys.

Maki said...

Thanks Coffee Girl!

Not too bad with the homesickness yet. We have been busy sightseeing and going to various functions. My brother also is here for 2 weeks so it helps :) Just a little over another month to go!

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