"Seriously? Can't something NOT go wrong for once?"  I grumble.

It's a phrase I mutter every other day if not everyday.

I often wonder if everyone else faces their days with as many annoying things going wrong or does the universe really gather it all up for me?  Yes, does seem very self-centered of me to think that I'm the only one but I really do wonder at times.

Klutzy people are called that because they seem to have a higher proportionate of incidences.  Maybe, just maybe, I have some sort of energy that emits into the universe and causes such things.  Yes, logical and scientific me is turning to the spiritual world for explanations of these "miracles".

This morning, I went to fill the coffee pot with water and apparently I already filled it with water yesterday.  So, I spent 15 minutes mopping up my water-filled counters because I didn't realized it overflowed.   Kicker was I had all sorts of empty cans and bottles on that counter to put away that just added to the cleaning moment.


The other day, my printer kept garbling the paper. I recently dealt with a hard drive frying and then my laptop just up and dying so I wasn't pleased with fighting with a printer now.  Annoyed for the time I wasted but proud of myself that I got it all fixed, went to print out my much needed work documents only to have the ink completely run out. Not even a fleck of ink on all those sheets spitting out of the machine.


The kids wanted watermelon so I chose the "good one" out of a large bin at the grocery store a couple days back.  You know, you spend your time tapping and visually examining all the melons. Set to cut it all up and bring it along to a friends house last night, I pick it up and find that overnight, the one end completely disintegrated and left a large gooey mess on the counter.  Thinking I could cut off the half that went bad, I start dry heaving at the smell inside of the just cut open fruit.  Screw it.  I brought a rose wine instead.


I could go on.  But instead I will allow you all to commiserate with me.  Misery does love company and I can feel you all nodding your heads in agreement.  Yes, my spiritual mojo is sensing it.


The "ladies who lunch" hit up Cibo Bistro.  

Cibo Bistro - Meatball sandwich and dandelion greens salad.
(Meatball sandwich and dandelion greens salad)

I sorta felt sorry for the waitress who had to lug around a large chalkboard on an easel as the menu.  Can you say *awkward*.

Cibo Bistro - Panzanella Salad
(Panzanella Salad)

Lunch menu has a handful of offerings so if you are picky, you should hit dinner time for a more extensive menu.  

Cibo Bistro - Milk chocolate mousse & dark chocolate tart
(Milk chocolate mousse and dark chocolate tart.)

My day isn't fulfilled without chocolate.  We ordered the trio of chocolate dessert.

Cibo Bistro - White chocolate gelato with hazelnut brittle
(White chocolate gelato with hazelnut brittle)

To die for.