Chef Massimo Capra: NAIT Hokanson Chef in Residence Luncheon

Me & Chef Massimo Capra at NAIT Luncheon

Last year I attended NAIT's Hokanson chef in residence Chef Susur Lee's luncheon and once again, NAIT has pulled it off by bringing in another great chef for 2012! Chef Massimo Capra. What a wonderful program that NAIT has in bringing in culinary leaders to mentor students and staff and then also letting the public share in it with a luncheon.

(Thanks to fellow food blogger Chris for snapping the above picture of me and Chef Capra.)

Burrata w/ Arugula, eggplant & oven roasted tomatoes

We were offered Italian mineral water or lemon soda and we noshed on a variety of delicious breads. The first course of burrata cheese with arugula, eggplant and oven roasted tomatoes was served. The cheese was very flavourful but I really loved the eggplant crisps as it gave that extra texture and salty kick to the salad.

Roasted Mediteranean Sea Bass on Seafood & Green Pea Ragout

I admit I was a bit afraid of the next course because I suspect that I have a shellfish allergy. I've only eaten shellfish once before, at a dinner and Q&A with Chef David Adjey, which was also at NAIT, and my throat swelled up after that night. This time, I didn't take any chances and handed over all shellfish to my date, my brother in law, and he was quite happy about that.

The main course was roasted mediteranean sea bass on a seafood and green pea ragout. The sea bass was fabulous, buttery and perfectly cooked. But, my throat actually slightly swelled from eating the peas and tomatoes as shellfish was cooked in the broth. I'm can now confirm my allergy and now it makes me wonder if my body subconsciously told my mind to avoid shellfish for that reason! You never know!

Chestnut & Chocolate Panna Cotta

The meal ended on a sweet note with a chestnut and chocolate panna cotta. I found the panna cotta so silky smooth, like an airy mousse, but not overly sweet.

Kudos to Chef Massimo Capra but especially to NAIT and all their staff and students for yet again executing another successful luncheon.