January 26, 2012

Eating Out: Dishcrawl Edmonton, Old Strathcona

If you haven't heard of Dishcrawl yet, I'm certain you will soon enough. If you were lucky enough to be on twitter or know someone who tweets, then might have got the information in time and bought a ticket before DishcrawlYEG sold out.

Much like a pubcrawl, dishcrawl is a guided tour of 4 restaurants with a group of other foodies. Two days prior to the event, ticket-holders were told where to meet and then from there, the eating began, from one restaurant to the next. This particular dishcrawl was based in Old Strathcona.

The Sabzy, Edmonton
We started at the The Sabzy, a family-operated resto, with all sorts of Persian eats. Quinoa tabbouleh salad, saffron rice with barberries, pita with hummus, skewered chicken.

The King and I, Edmonton
We were then led to the infamous The King and I. (I was given 2 varieties of skewered meat as I could not have any shellfish). Panudulus chicken in a banana leaf, poppy shrimp and spring rolls.

Meze by Koutouki, Edmonton
Third stop was the newly opened Meze by Koutouki. Greek salad, saganaki cheese, pita & hummus to start.

Meze by Koutouki, Edmonton
And in true hospitable Greek style, one must EAT so we were given even more food! Keftedes, dolmades, spanakopita and sweet end with bougatsa.

Accent European Lounge, Edmonton
At this point, we all rolled our full bellies back down whyte avenue to Accent Restarant and Lounge. Topped off the taste of caprese salad, Innis and Gunn beer-soaked baked oyster and chocolate avalanche cake.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I got to go to restaurants I have not been to before, met a bunch of new people and had a lot of fun! Until next time!

Read about the experience also at: The Edmonton Journal


robyn said...

Someone else posted a picture on Twitter of the "salad" at Accent...its a good thing you were already stuffed.
Gorgeous pictures!

Maki said...

Haha. Well, they offered more than one tomato, that is all I took (too full).

Thanks Robyn!

habanerogal said...

Great photos looks like a ton of fun !

supersu said...


what great pictures! even with all my bedazzlin' i never got a shot anywhere near as nice as yours! you do it so unobtrusively...i didnt even realize you were taking all those images! nice job :)

fun nite....once i lose the weight from this one....i plan on doin' it again! ha ha ha.

su :)

Kristina said...

Looks so good! Hummus in 2 places though? What's that about? Hummus is kind of a cheap filler dish, if you ask me. Tasty, but not something I'd put on the dishcrawl menu.

Maki said...

Habanerogal: Twas :)

Supersu: I admit to much post processing. It is DARK in those resto!

Kristina: Hummus wasn't the main dish, more like a side.

zappie said...

No shellfish! Oh that is sad.
I like the look of that greek food though, that saganaki looks too good right now!

Maki said...

I've eaten some shellfish/lobster at a dinner party and my throat started swelling :( So, I just keep away from it just to be sure though.

It's so hard to get decent pictures but the greek ones turned out pretty well because all the folks around me started putting their candles around so that I could get better light! Haha! That's what happens when you dine with a food blogger!

Kath said...

Ah! So sad I missed out on this. Looking forward to a future dishcrawl (even though the next one is already sold out! Darn it all).

Great pics as usual ;-)

A Canadian Foodie said...

Sounds like a brilliant evening. It is exactly the kind of thing I LOVE to do - and am still wondering if I did the right thing by not going, but when I was asked to pay in American dollars I was turned right off! Hate seeing my local money go south - but what a wonderful community relationship building experience - and an incredible amount of food. (did you get to take the left overs home?)

Maki said...

Thanks Kath!

Canadian Foodie: I didn't take any leftovers but some others did since Meze offered such an incredible amount of food.

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