December 29, 2011

Book: Cake Couture/Cake Style

Cake Couture Book
book cover photo supplied: Firefly books

Hope you have been enjoying the holidays!

December has been such a busy month, thus, the lack of posts, but I wanted to share with you the book I did the photography for earlier this year! I had people tell me that I didn't blog about it. I mentioned it on my ShutterMaki Twitter page and my In My Element facebook page but not here on my own blog!

The book is called Cake Couture: Modern Sugar-craft for the Stylish Baker in Canada and the US. Internationally, you can find it under the name Cake Style: The Art of Cake Decorating. The books are a step by step guide in creating 20 different cakes. With over 200 color photos showing how to build and decorate each cake, all photographed by me!

Annie, the author, and I spent many a nights working together and to see the book come to fruition is a surreal moment. I took thousands of pictures documenting each cake step, pictures of the tools and final cake shots. I absolutely LOVED taking the pictures and spending time photo editing. I jumped up and down with glee when I received the the books by mail (links to my twitter images). Also, I have to admit I was grinning ear to ear when I saw it on the shelves of my local bookstore too.

Maki and Annie Cake Couture Book Launch
photo credit: Adelbert Ho Photography

Annie had a Cake Couture Book Launch and part of the proceeds went to Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts. We also received some press: from the Edmonton Journal, both in print and digitally as well as on their twitter feed.

I want to shout out a big thanks to all those folks that supported me and all the wonderful kudos and gracious comments from friends and family that I have received these past months. I feel so very grateful and lucky to have had this wonderful opportunity and now to hold the books in my hand that document this moment is beyond words.


Cake Couture: Modern Sugar-craft for the Stylish Baker
A Quintet Book: Quintet Publishing Limited
Search Press Ltd. and Firefly Books Ltd.

December 6, 2011

Gingerbread Cookies

Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

Last year I bought cute mini cookie cutters and I never got around to using them. The busy Christmas season will do that to you, as well as getting really sick. Yeah, last year sucked in terms of illness for me so that is why I bought all my christmas baking that year.

However, this year I may be busy but I made a point to pull out my never used, still in their un-opened package, cookie cutters! (Sorry, I really can't remember where I bought them - hanging my head in shame)

But aren't they darn CUTE! I actually quite like that they are small. Makes it perfect for children, young and old, and great for parties so that people can sample more than one variety of cookie without feeling gluttonous. Or if you are like me, the feeling of eating more than one cookie alongside my morning coffee feels like such a big treat!

Let the Christmas baking begin!


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