December 29, 2011

Book: Cake Couture/Cake Style

Cake Couture Book
book cover photo supplied: Firefly books

Hope you have been enjoying the holidays!

December has been such a busy month, thus, the lack of posts, but I wanted to share with you the book I did the photography for earlier this year! I had people tell me that I didn't blog about it. I mentioned it on my ShutterMaki Twitter page and my In My Element facebook page but not here on my own blog!

The book is called Cake Couture: Modern Sugar-craft for the Stylish Baker in Canada and the US. Internationally, you can find it under the name Cake Style: The Art of Cake Decorating. The books are a step by step guide in creating 20 different cakes. With over 200 color photos showing how to build and decorate each cake, all photographed by me!

Annie, the author, and I spent many a nights working together and to see the book come to fruition is a surreal moment. I took thousands of pictures documenting each cake step, pictures of the tools and final cake shots. I absolutely LOVED taking the pictures and spending time photo editing. I jumped up and down with glee when I received the the books by mail (links to my twitter images). Also, I have to admit I was grinning ear to ear when I saw it on the shelves of my local bookstore too.

Maki and Annie Cake Couture Book Launch
photo credit: Adelbert Ho Photography

Annie had a Cake Couture Book Launch and part of the proceeds went to Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts. We also received some press: from the Edmonton Journal, both in print and digitally as well as on their twitter feed.

I want to shout out a big thanks to all those folks that supported me and all the wonderful kudos and gracious comments from friends and family that I have received these past months. I feel so very grateful and lucky to have had this wonderful opportunity and now to hold the books in my hand that document this moment is beyond words.


Cake Couture: Modern Sugar-craft for the Stylish Baker
A Quintet Book: Quintet Publishing Limited
Search Press Ltd. and Firefly Books Ltd.


Kristina said...

You're awesome! You should be very proud of yourself :)

Courtenay said...

Congrats Maki, that's amazing! I can't wait to see all your lovely photos in a book :)

Maki said...

Thanks Kiki & Courtenay!

coffeegirl said...

Simply beautiful. Way to go!

Michelle Peters - Jones said...

I am so thrilled for you. You're amazingly talented and you totally deserve the best success... hope 2012 treats you brilliantly :-)

Maki said...

Thanks coffeegirl!

Same to you Michelle! Happy New Year!

A Canadian Foodie said...

An incredible accomplishment and clearly a labour of love, Maki. As, I am sure that if you took the thousands of photos I know you took that you earned very little per hour... however, we don't do a project like this for money. What a legacy to your children.
Would you be able/willing/interested in teaching some photo editing or food photography classes in the future?
Just asking!!! I have a little business over here called Taste Tripping and this might fit into it nicely!

Maki said...

Thanks Valerie for the compliment :)

As for classes, I'll have to give it some thought and get back to you. Thanks for asking.

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