Travels: Venice, Italy


I couldn't pick just 1 or 2, nor could I pick 5 or even 10 photos I wanted to show you. So very difficult when it involves the beautiful island of Venice. So bear with me in all the scrolling.


You often hear about Venice being this magical place and I have to admit, I was taken aback by it.


Yes, you hear about it in travel magazine or on tv shows but I really was speechless. Did you know there is water everywhere. EVERYWHERE!


And that there are canals that boats travel through. Little itty bitty canals and boats to get you around!


And plenty of those famous boats in Venice, called a GONDOLA!


If you can get yourself away from the fact that you are surrounded!by! water!everywhere!, you'll see all the old historic churches, beautifully aged buildings, charming old stone sidewalks and narrow streets.


Every street seems to have a cafe or restaurant and the old buildings clad with colorful shutters and baskets of flowers greet you every time you look up.


Don't forget all the shops and markets! Plenty of souvenir shopping, fresh food offerings and places to eat. Espresso, paninos filled with plenty of cheese and meat and so many flavors of gelato to choose from. One thing to remember though, don't be in a hurry in Venice, because you servers are definitely not.


We sampled a "torrone", which is a was a large triangle shaped cookie with almonds and amaretto, while the kidlets noshed on liquirizia (licorice) and long strands of freshly made marshmallow.


Every nook and corner was a new visually pleasing adventure for the eyes. So you can understand my dilemma and why I went happily photo-snappin away AND why it is so hard to only show you a couple of pictures, right?


And of course, I couldn't not offer you a picture of clothes drying on the clothesline, could I? I didn't think so. Oh Venice, until we meet again :)