Halloumi, the squeaky cheese

Grilled halloumi

Imagine a dinner party with friends. Laughter, lots of talk over sips of wine, and then the halloumi comes out.

Squeak, squeak, squeak.

Have you tried halloumi? You would know what I'm talking about if you have. When you chew the cheese, there is a squeaking sounds that happens. The hubby and I were laughing the first time we ate it together because we could not hear each other talk over the noise.

Halloumi, to me, is the child of Buffalo Mozzarella and Feta parents, in taste and texture. It has a saltiness like feta and texture somewhat like mozzarella. Fantastic feature about halloumi is that it can be grilled or fried because it doesn't easily melt. Choose the desired thickness and place slices directly onto medium heat bbq to heat up and produce lovely grill marks. Really easy.

I'm sure there are many places around the city to find halloumi. I picked some up at my last trip to El Safadi Bros. supermarket, at 113th Street and 134th Avenue.

Happy squeaking!