Eating Out: Bistro India

Chicken Tikka at Bistro India in Edmonton

Chicken Tikka

There are many international cuisines I like and Indian is definitely included in my top choices. Just saying "Indian food" has me salivating.

Vegetables in a creamy cashew sauce
Vegetables cooked in a creamy cashew sauce & naan bread

We made our way out to Bistro India. It is southern Indian cuisine and I just had a conversation last week with someone who said they love all the different spices and the way they prepare their foods in southern India. I don't know the differences but what I can tell you is that it is all mighty fine and tasty.

Butter Chicken
Butter chicken

One of my favorite dishes (not pictured) was the madras mutter paneer. Paneer is a type of cheese and I did not want to share any of it with my fellow diners.

Oh Indian food, you rarely let me down.


Bistro India
10203-116 St
Edmonton, AB