June 24, 2011

Photo Friday: Birthday & Father's Day

Rundle Park

Father's Day took us to Rundle Park. We paddled out and for those precious moments, it almost felt as though we were somewhere else. Faraway from the hustle bustle and the lifetime long list of to-do's. Peaceful and quiet... at least until the kids started bickering.

Birthday Cake

We also celebrated the hubby's birthday. It's a fondant computer mouse on the cake, if you are wondering.
I thought it would be obvious but I had one too people ask. sheesh :) Apparently, everyone is a comedian ;)


Bianca said...

You're a whiz with fondant. My own path to this type of cake would be paved with expletives. Ill spare the world that barrage!

LeQuan said...

Happy belated birthday to your hubby. You make the best birthday cakes, Maki! Haven't been to Rundle Park in a long time. Must make a trip out soon. Have a great weekend :-D

Maki said...

Me and fondant are becoming good friends :)

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