April 8, 2011

Ariel Birthday Cake: Photo Friday

Ariel Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted an Ariel birthday cake this year. I've made a Little Mermaid birthday cake before, as well as tiered fondant princess cake, a girly princess flower cake and a princess castle cake.

I've been busy lately and I was at a loss of what type of cake to make. So, when a friend offered their Ariel cake pan, I took it. Except, I didn't want the little icing florets that you usually do on such cakes.

So, I decided to bring in the resident artist, aka The Hubby.

My hubby has drawn Ariel free-hand so many times for my daughter that we made a deal, I make the cake and colored icings and he sculpts it.

I think he did a fantastic job.

My daughter is one lucky gal.


Your Sister said...

Looks great :) Great job, Daddy!

Kevin Kossowan said...

I'm so not showing my daughters this. If I did I'd have to make one next b-day, and they'd be asking for ariel pancakes during the week.

Bianca said...

That's a damn good Ariel cake. If mom and stepdad could bake and decorate a cake like that, we might have made it through my adolescence with much less friction.

Anonymous said...

Great teamwork guys! It looked awesome.


LeQuan said...

You guys did such a great job with the cake! I agree with Kevin, no way I'm showing my daughter this cake. Your daughter definitely is one lucky girl.

Maki said...

Thanks everyone. But, come on! I'm sure your children are ecstatic with what you get them for their birthdays too. I'm sure of it :)

Jenn's In Edmonton AB said...

Love the cake! Super job! Not every male is that artistic =O)

Maki said...

Tru dat! :)

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