Chef Susur Lee: NAIT Chef in Residence Luncheon

menu chef susur lee

When I heard that this year's Hokanson Chef in Residence was celebrity chef Susur Lee, I didn't wait long to purchase tickets for the luncheon offered. Ok, I didn't wait at all, I called the restaurant ASAP! Sold out event for 120 people!

Susur Lee Nait Lunch- Course 1

Chef Susur Lee is world renown and he's is Canadian! I have watched him on Top Chef: Masters, where he was a finalist, and have seen him on Iron Chef America.

Susur Lee Nait Lunch- Course 2

I was excited to sample his food. As you can see, it's so visually BEAUTIFUL. I was eating with my eyes before I even tasted it. Everything was so very good. Wonderful textures and tastes. My hubby, Mr. Maki (hehe), and I were commenting on how we felt that there were so many different flavor notes. We joked how we now understood how judges on Top Chef and Iron Chef can describe the "symphony of flavors dancing together in harmony" in our mouths.

Susur Lee Nait Lunch- Course 3

I have to admit, I was a bit star struck so when he was going around to different tables, I forgot to take a picture of the third course, the dessert! A big THANKS to A Canadian Foodie, who was kind enough to allow me to use her dessert picture above. Thanks so much!

Susur Lee Nait Chef in Residence

Chef Susur is definitely a sincere, wise soul. Seeing him in person, you can feel his humble and gentle nature.

Stand up chef, stand up food. FANTASTIC experience. Worth every penny and would do it again in an instant.