February 18, 2011

Wedding Cake & a Box of Chocolates


I have a friend who is currently enrolled in the baking & pastry program at NAIT. She's the same friend who helped me out at with buying all my Christmas baking too. In my food-obsessed world, I guess she'd be considered a "friend with benefits"! haha.

I thought I'd share some of her projects with you. Her recent work includes decorating wedding cakes! How fun but also stressful that you will be marked on every little curly-cue, scallop or border. I can't believe each flower was handmade too. Amazing. She did a beautiful job didn't she?


I'm also in awe of the chocolate box. She made it for her Valentine! Lucky guy. Completely made out of white chocolate with an stunning edible transfer paper design on top. All the individual chocolates, inside the box, were made and filled by her too in a 3 step process. Talk about a lot of work.

Just too pretty to eat. I'd probably allow a day to admire it and then devour it in no time. As the saying goes, take a picture - it lasts longer :)


LeQuan said...

Omg! Your friend has talent, Maki! Those are gorgeous creations! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that beautiful chocolate box. I'm all for having the chocolates and eating the box too :-P. Definitely have to take a picture first. Have a lovely weekend.

coffee girl said...

The cake is simply beautiful and the chocolate box is too pretty to eat. Great job!

Maki said...

LeQuan: She's talented in so many ways. It's all amazing.

coffee girl: I agree, too pretty to eat but I'm get over the guilt :)

Junglefrog said...

What a gorgeous cakes!! Amazingly well done!

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