Very Oniony Okra Fritters

Onion & Okra Fritters

We have this rule in our home in regards to our kidlets trying new foods, you can't say you don't like it until you've actually tried it. Just one bite, is what we say and they always comply.

There are times when we offer them something new, like the above fritters, fully knowing that they will not like them. My daughter hates onions. My son doesn't like green foods in his meals. But, they both took a bite and chewed. My son chewed and gulped it down with a "I don't like it".

My daughter, well, she hardly even made it through one chew before she spat it out. This is when I looked the other way not to let my kids see that I was laughing. See, my hubby more than doubled the amount of onions in this recipe. It was almost entirely onions. And he didn't mince them up in small pieces either. Before she even took a bite, her eyes bugged wide as she asked "is that onions in there?" and I responded with a "I don't think so".

It's the little ways of getting back at my kids that sort of evens out our little universe here. hahaha.


My hubby grew okra, alongside his tomatoes, in his hydroponic shop in the basement. It was harvest time and he wanted to enjoy them without their slimey-ness so he found this Okra Cornmeal Fritters recipe.

However, the above picture isn't a great representation of the actual recipe as he didn't have the bacon, had only 1/2 the amount of cornmeal and he more than doubled the amount of onions. I think he changed other things too. This is why I don't usually post recipes my hubby attempts. Who heck knows what he did to the recipe. But, I have to give it to him, they turned out pretty well, considering, but we both agreed, too much onion.


Nifty appetizer idea: if you do decide to make the recipe as instructed, they make great appetizers. Bought these cute little shot glasses which make perfect vesicles. Put a little salsa at the bottom, pack a fritter in each and there you go, easy entertaining.

Have a great weekend!