February 28, 2011

Transcend Coffee Garneau & Eva Sweets - Eating Out

Transcend Coffee

I really want spring to get here!

1 - for obvious reason, it's cold and blustery and the snow just won't stop and I'm done with it all. Did I mention I'm done with it all.

2: We're planning another renovation this spring.

The hubby and I, we just can't keep still. We've lived in our home for about 10 years and we've changed so much to it. We're reno junkies and we can't stop.

It started that we need new shingles on our roof. My hubby decided that he'd like to extend the eaves for proper overhangs (we have an old wartime home with no roof overhangs). Since our massive +50 year old tree fell, making the front of our home visible to the street, we didn't like what we saw, so it's only natural that if you are already doing roof renos that it would be a good time to change the exterior look of the house. We'll be adding a porch to the front, to overlook the lovely pond the hubby put in.

Which then led to me asking to have the dining room pushed out 5 feet since we are already changing the roof line and planning the front porch. I love entertaining and would love a large dining room. Of course, a "simple" shingle replacement job turned into a whole lot more but this is how we roll. Like I said, we're reno junkies and we can't stop :)

One of the things I REALLY want for my dining room is a wall entirely of brick. And this, my friends, is where Transcend Coffee, Garneau location, comes in.

I went in a couple weeks back with the hubby and I was giddy with the decor. BRICK!!! White walls, big beautiful windows and I loved the hanging pendant white lights. I also love the white eames eiffel chairs. A modernist's delight in decor.

Cappucino & waffle

My hubby ordered the Eva Sweets waffle with his cappucino. Great combo and a great price at $6. I sat and enjoyed my delicious mocha, which was made with really good quality chocolate, and got excited with all our upcoming reno plans. The sun was shining and the coffee and waffle were a perfect touch to a lovely setting.

Come on spring. Hurry it on up! I want my dining room!!!


LeQuan said...

I am so waiting for winter to GET LOST too. A home is not a home if you don't put your own personal touches to it. Too bad my personal touches include colorful kiddie toys everywhere. Have fun with your renovations - so exciting!

Maki said...

Lots of colorful kiddie toys everywhere here too :) One day, we'll miss all that, when they are all grown up and want nothing to do with us.

Actually, I can do without all the cursing I do everytime I step on lego.

Marianne and Charles said...

Mmmmm. That Transcend mocha is one special drink. Good luck with the renos!

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