February 4, 2011

Key Lime Mousse

Lime Mousse Dessert Recipe

Key lime reminds me of the infamous key lime pie, known in Key West. The hubby and I went on a cruise, several years ago, and one of our ports of call was Key West, Florida. It was humid and hot. We absolutely fell in love with the place, even though we were only there for a couple of hours. Though it was touristy in certain parts, we ventured off the beaten path and loved how there were so many restaurants, cafes and bistros to stop and get together with people. Must of been something in the air but it was the best part of our cruise, by far.

I usually have lemon and lime concentrate juices in my fridge. But every once in a while, I go and buy a few fresh limes to zest the lovely outsides or juice to make a dressing. The concentrates are not the same as freshly juiced but they work when I need some for baking.

Lime Mousse Dessert

This time around, I had 2-3 limes in my fridge and I really wanted a citrus-y dessert. I stumbled upon the key lime mousse recipe and thought it would be perfect way to bring some tropical and warm thoughts into the current dreary, wintry days.

Not the same as being in Florida, enjoying key lime pie, but it'll have to do.


LeQuan said...

Hubby and I went on a cruise last year for our first time and fell in love with cruising. Florida is a beautiful place, isn't it. I have a weird palm tree obsession so you can imagine it was like I was in palm tree heaven. Ha!
Your mousse looks divine, I love the colour. Your pictures are always so beautiful, they put mine to shame...teehee. Have a great weekend Maki!

Maki said...

Actually, we disliked our cruise, except for the fabulous fine dining. We both hated that we only a few hours for port-of-calls and we unfortunately, had bad weather. Our boat got bounced around, we had to divert our destinations and it was too cold to sit outside poolside.

But, now with kids, I can see it being especially great. We were thinking of doing a disney cruise some year. The kids would love it.

Have a great weekend lequan!

A Canadian Foodie said...

Looks yummy... definitely out of season - but, that's what makes it so appealing... the yearning for the spring - and the promise of the summer in your charming cups!

Maki said...

Thanks Valerie :)

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