Ice on Whyte 2011: Weekly Photos

Ice on Whyte 2011

We went to the Ice on Whyte Ice Carving Festival. We decided to hit the festival in the evening because we heard it was all lit up.

Ice on Whyte Carving

I was in total awe. Can you even begin to imagine how many hours was spent to carving all of the ice sculptures? Winter lumberjacks, they sure are.

ICe on Whyte Jack in the Box

As I've stated in many posts, I am not an outdoor winter gal.

Surprise, surprise.

If you attended the festival, you may have seen me, I was dressed in 300 pounds worth of layered clothes.

When I walked, I looked like a zombie, pretty stiff-legged due the clothing and big winter boots and my snowpants made a swish-swish with every stride.

Yup, I'm bringing sexy back.

Did anyone else go down the slide of doom?

ICe on Whyte Slide

My kids are braver than I. I like to be in control and there is none going down this slide. I screamed like a school girl the first half of the slide and the second half, where we were zooming down at bobsled speeds, I stopped screaming and squeezed my eyes shut with fear. It freaked my freak and I'm still drying out 300 pounds of clothing. Though, I have to admit, I'd probably go again if the lines weren't so long.


Hope you all had a great weekend!