January 13, 2011

Breaducation at Luzzara Coffee Bar

Bread Talk

I've always said that baking is my equivalent for the lab bench work I used to do when I working years ago. With the mixing and measuring, baking (and cooking), I found, is relaxing and comforting. I'm always filled with a wonderful peaceful feeling when I'm working away at my kitchen counter as well it gives instant gratification with the outcome of delicious breads and cakes.

So, it only seemed fitting that I attended last night's "breaducation" at Luzzara Coffee Bar.

With great attendance, chairs were set up in the adjoining scooter shop for more room. I grabbed a cappuccino before I mingled amongst other fellow bread baking aficionados. Very good coffee, by the way.

Fellow food blogger Chris, from Eating is the Hard Part and Owen, owner of Prairie Mill Bread Co. spoke about their love for bread, bread making tips and answered all sorts of questions from the audience.

Let me tell you, these guys know their stuff and want to teach you all that you want to know. The two delivered a wealth of information in the most fun and friendly fashion. Who knew you could laugh so much about bread?

Luzzara Coffee Bar
Fresh yeast versus dry yeast, different types flour, types of bread (no knead, sandwich breads, sourdoughs, etc), use of moisture/steam in baking and pizza stones and cast iron pots to bake in/on. Nothing was left untouched.

Btw, the perk of being an Albertan, we have amazing flour here. Great wheat gives great flour gives great bread. Very proud of that.

Some of Chris' favorite bread baking books were passed around and, let us not forget about the samples. Chris and Owen had plenty to choose from. Wow! I think I filled up on half a loaf of bread just to myself and I was trying to limit myself.

Thanks to all for the great night! A fantastic way to enjoy a cold, frosty Wednesday night.

The lovely Sarah (above), owner of Luzzara Coffee Bar is hosting more Wednesday night lectures, find more details on the Events page.


wannafoodie said...

Such a great night!! Maybe a monthly bread swap/gathering at Luzzara would be a next step?!

Maki said...

Fun time for sure!

Darn though! I didn't get a chance to meet you! I didn't stick around much after. I really should have. I'll have to catch you at another event.

wannafoodie said...

I know! I had to run after as well. Too bad! I'm sure we'll cross paths again.

A Canadian Foodie said...

Great re-cap! I wanted to go. Great idea for a focus night - now I want to see your bread!

Maki said...

I'll show you mine if you show me yours ;)

Kevin Kossowan said...

Really cool concept, and would have liked to have been there!

eatingisthehardpart.com said...

Great photo's Maki! Thanks for coming and posting.

Maki said...

Kevin: I'm sure you would have come up with some great questions.

Chris: my pleasure.

cookbookcooks said...

Thanks Maki

I wish I had known about this, so thanks for the link as I will check out their other offerings

The joys of lab bench work - bread is much more tasty!!!

Maki said...

Yes, you would know exactly what I mean :)

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