Eating Out: Wok Box

Eating Out at the Wok Box

I was working on these photos when my kids came by and said "Oh, that was the stinky place." Funny. I was thinking how moments are locked away into our memories and how certain things come to be recalled to us.

My kids first response to these photos was that it was stinky. They didn't mention that it was a special day and they got balloons or that we had a huge group of family and friends show up to eat with us. Nor that mom and dad allowed them to each have a pop bottle to themselves, a special treat. Didn't mention that the food was yummy and it came in fun-shaped boxes or that there was a super cool fountain inside. Nope, just that it was stinky.

I just want to state, it was not stinky inside the Wok Box. It was a Saturday late morning on Whyte Avenue and we don't know if it was a nasty sewer just outside or if the bar night party spirit was just not washed away from the sidewalks from the night before, but it was definitely smelly. I also vividly remember since my kids scrunching up their faces, holding their noses and my son was even making gagging noises. Too funny.

Wok Box Butter Chicken

Nonetheless, the food was tasty. I like exposing the kids to different cuisines and the Wok Box is a great place since it is quick for my kids patience and has lots of choices. The kids had the Teriyaki stirfry, which they loved, and hubby and I enjoyed the Indian Butter Chicken stirfy complete with yummy naan bread. The service was really great and I loved the ambiance of the place. LOVE that water fountain!

Unfortunately, our memory is tarnished with the smell of stinky. All the good stuff isn't as vivid in the memory books to my kiddos. I guess we'll have to go by the same location and try to reprogram that memory out our minds by replacing it with another moment, but a good one this time.


Wok Box (Whyte Ave location)
10331 82nd Avenue
Edmonton, AB