Weekly Photos: Edmonton's Capital Ex

Edmonton Capital Ex

I can't resist. Thought I'd share a couple of Capital Ex photos of my kids on rides.

We spent 7 hours there. SEVEN! We basically followed our kids from ride to ride. I told the hubby that I would pay someone $20 an hour to chaperone. Seven hours is a long time and that would be great money for someone but I have to admit, I love seeing their screaming, happy faces going on all the different rides.

We ate cotton candy and candy apples. I know we bought some food too but for the life of me, I CAN NOT remember. Obviously, must not have been memorable.

Cotton Candy and Candy Apples

We did get around to watching super dogs for a bit. That was fun though my kids kept asking to go back. My kids are total ride junkies. They love the thrill. A lot of the times, they had their hands up in the air, not even holding on and screaming. haha. They said the Dragon roller coaster was their fave.

Edmonton Capital Ex Dragon Ride

My back and legs hurt like crazy that night. It was worth it though. Especially as we were leaving, my daughter said to me "Mom, that was the BEST day ever."

Have a good weekend folks!