Travels: Penticton Blenz Coffee and Gilligan's Ice Cream

We arrived in Penticton by mid-afternoon and we immediately shed our clothes and donned our bathing suits and hit the beach. The sun was strong, instantly working the melatonin in our skin. We had slathered the kids and ourselves up with UV protection and set up our blankets for lounging.

This is where it made a turn in the bad direction.

I'm not one who burns, in regards to tanning. (I'm guessing you know where this is going?) I'll slowly turn browner except for maybe the tip of my nose and my hairline. I also don't make any effort in tanning either, it's just not my thing and the Edmonton weather isn't really conducive for tanning.

Imagine my surprise when, come next morning, I put on my bathing suit to see my pale, glowing-white thighs next to BRIGHT red, burned bikini line. (Didn't expect that now, did you?) I guess I didn't slather up my nether regions enough. I tell you I was a sight for sore eyes. You could easily pick me out of a crowd on the beach. How embarrassing. But the story doesn't end there. Oh no, I never do things simply.

Blenz Coffee Drinks

First, we were headed to Blenz Coffee. My brother-in-law fell in love with the place with his business trips to Vancouver. He insisted that we have a Coffee Mocha. It was good but I've never actually had a bad mocha. (Ok, maybe once but that's because it wasn't served hot enough. Bleh.) We bought the kids a Strawberry Ice Cream Fruitchillo. Hello! Delicious! (Wonder how long it takes to get a Blenz to Alberta? I'm sure soon enough.)

Off from Blenz, we head back to the beach where me and a metal park bench get into a scrap. (Bet you didn't see THAT coming). I had turned around to see if one of the kids was following close behind, didn't see the bench and whacked my thigh into it. As I'm keeled over in utter pain, keeping all the colorful profanities from spewing and falling onto young children's ears, I feel a large bump rising. Back at the beach, I unclothe to find a large tennis-sized bruise, purpley-blue-black, a short distance away from the burned-carnage that was once my bikini line. (Oh bother, what a great way to start our vacation.)

Eating Ice Cream At Gilligan's in Penticton
With jokes pointed in my direction of some sort of UFC death match fight with myself and the park bench (my bets are on the bench), we headed to our one of many trips to Gilligan's Ice Cream.

Boasting 60 flavors, supplied by the Foothills Creamery, we enjoyed ourselves one too many times here. With a price of $2.50 for a giant scoop, it was a huge steal! The ice cream is very good, a short walk down from the north shore of Penticton's Skaha Lake. I highly recommend you cool down from the hot Okanogan heat with a stop here.

And remember, slather up with sunscreen the regions that never see light and don't mess with any park benches. I'm lucky I lived to tell you about it.


Blenz Coffee
284 Main Street
Penticton, BC

Gilligan's Ice Cream Shop
Main floor of Beachside Motel
3624 Parkview St
Penticton, BC