August 10, 2010

Edmonton's Ikea Breakfast

Ikea $1 Breakfast

I don't live close enough to the Ikea to warrant the drive for their breakfast. But, I was in need of something specific and we decided to start our shopping day with it's famous $1 breakfast.

I've never had the breakfast before. Folks, I am so very surprised.

The above picture cost $1. ONE dollar! The coffee was free too! (only for the first hour of opening, I believe). I felt a little like this video.

My favorite part of the meal was the hashbrowns. They were nicely browned, wonderfully salted and moist on the inside. The sausages were really tasty too which I couldn't believe because a lot of the times when we do breakfasts out and about, they give you those tasteless things, but these sure weren't. The only thing I wouldn't eat was the eggs. It was not edible, in my opinion, unless you smother it with ketchup first and then it's still a real chore. But, I would still come for just the hashbrowns and sausages.

Thanks Ikea. Totally astounded you offer such a deal but then, when I come, I do drop some coin at the store. Ahhhh, that's called Marketing 101. Yeah, Ikea, I get it, Swedish for Common Sense.

Ikea Edmonton
South Edmonton Common
1311-102 St. NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6N 1M3

PS: Ikea's 2011 Canadian Catalogue is out! I LOVE looking through their catalogues every year. Here is the online version if you can't wait for the hard copy or are the environmentally-friendly sort.


lequan@lovetoeat said...

We drop by for their breakfast too sometimes. And it's actually pretty decent for a dollar eh? Plus, I love that they're kid-friendly too. But I have to admit, we also get suckered into buying something. I agree, that's a great marketing scheme. Lol.

lequan@luvtoeat said...

love that commercial! Hubby and I always have inside jokes about that. "Start the car, start the car!" LOVE IT!

Jean Poutine said...

I love the restaurant at IKEA too. So cheap. I loved it more when they had an automatic cappuccino machine. I also like the products in their food department, like gravadlax and lingonberry everything.

H.Peter said...

Fun fact.
In Germany Ikea Restaurants are under the top ten grossing restaurant chains....

Maki said...

lequan: I know. I LOVE that commercial and we also make the SAME jokes. haha :)

Jean Poutine: Automatic cappuccino machine! wow. I've bought the frozen meatballs and lingonberry home before. yum.

H.Peter: I'm not surprised. The sheer volume of people at the Edmonton Ikea for breakfast was mind-boggling!

Chris said...

Oh me, oh my. You were in my neck of the woods.

After 7 years at IKEA, I can promise you I've eaten more than my share of breakfasts…and many employees would sub out the meat or eggs for more hash browns.

Nothing says salt intake like an entire plate of potato chunks at 7AM..

Maki said...

I would do the very same. Those hashbrowns are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great staycation idea! The next day after reading this post, my two boys (6 and 4) and I headed to IKEA, absolutely gorged on the hashbrowns, and then I spent a glorious hour BY MYSELF! while the boys happily played in the kids area. There are few reasons for a northside girl to cross the river, and the IKEA breakfast may become one of those reasons :-)

Maki said...

You are SO correct. A fantastic staycation idea!!! I hear ya northside girl, I'll have to take advantage of Ikea more next summer :)

Anonymous said...

I still heart Ikea breakfasts even though they no longer include the yummy croissant-bun thingy (which they took out about a year and a half ago). Now THAT was a definite $1 deal!

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